Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let Me Call You Sweetheart: DIY Wooden Bedroom Sign

Hi gang! Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share with you a quick project I did over the weekend. Anyone familiar with The Lumineers? No? How about the "Ho Hey" song in the Bing commercials? Whoever just said no needs to take a time out and just listen for a second ... please ...  check this out ...

Sheesh! Thank you! Now that we have that out of the way, you can all do two things: appreciate the thought process behind this project, and thank me for getting this fantastic song stuck in your heads! I tell ya, for the past few months the hubs and I can't seem to shake it, so it seemed a good place to start for wall art for our bedroom.

I thought the lyrics to this would be perfect as wall art over our bed, so I went out to the garage and found a piece of scrap wood, stained it with some leftover walnut gel stain that I used in this $3 stand makeover, and got to work laying out a design in Publisher. Once I found the fonts I liked, I printed the design as a banner and taped the pages together.

As you can see below, I laid out "sweetheart" in different font from the chorus and printed them both as banners that I taped together.

Then I colored the back of the pages with pencil, working on "sweetheart" first since I was planning to put that in white and the rest of the lyrics in black on top of "sweetheart."

I transferred the design onto the wood by laying the pages pencil-colored side down on top of the wood, and tracing the outlines of the letters. I wish I could credit someone for this - I saw it somewhere on Pinterest! It's somewhat hard to see below, but the outlines of the letters showed up nicely on the wood. 

Then I used a white paint pen to trace and color my letters. By the end of this project I was thanking my lucky stars for this little guy! It was a huge time saver - go buy one, no, seven. 

Next I traced and colored in my letters with the pen. This process was somewhat slow and time consuming, but thank goodness for the pen. I'd still be working on this if I'd had to use a paint brush. 

And when I finally finished with what I thought would just be the first step, I had a moment comparable to the Grinch's when his heart grew three sizes ... 

I loved my little sign just the way it was! As much as we loved our Lumineers lyrics, using just one word was simple, sweet and homey rustic, as I like to call it. Perfect for our wood-paneled bedroom! 

So up it went! Since my scrap wood was so thin, I wasn't able to attach any screws or wire to it to hang it from the wall. Instead, I remembered an old pin that I'd seen several times - pop tabs! I did my measuring, hot glued them on to the back, and slightly bent them so that they weren't entirely flush with the sign. 

And there's my sweetheart! 

What do you think? Not bad for my first wooden sign?

I must say, I really love it. It's the perfect size for over the bed, and it's a Sixth Street original. Have you made your own customized wall art? Tell me all about it! 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I love this project! So many great time-saving tips too. I had never seen the pop top trick for hanging pictures. I will be following your adventures. Thanks for stopping by Posed Perfection this week and leaving me a sweet comment about the Tortellini Soup. It is really easy to make. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

    1. Thanks, Nici! I'm glad you liked the project and also learned something new! I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your weekend as well!

  2. Super "SWEET" love the stain with the white. Hugs, jen

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