Thursday, March 8, 2012

Burlapalooza Day 4: DIY Table Runner

Welcome back! This marks Day 4 of burlap goodness. I'm starting to wonder if five days is enough - I've had so many ideas while putting these projects together.

Today's project is about as simple as it gets. A DIY burlap table runner ...

I'd been wanting, for quite some time, a nice runner for this buffet that my parents handed down to us when we moved into our house. Isn't he handsome?

I could never find one that was quite the right length and width So I took matters into my own hands and whipped of a pretty burlap version. This took me no more than an hour and a half, and cost under $4

Here are the materials you will need to make this:

Burlap (amount depends on the length of your runner. Mine was 16" x 44.)
Stitch Witchery
Ribbon (I used 1/4" width in cream)
Measuring Tape

The first step is to measure for where you are going to put your runner. I added two inches to both the length and width to allow for the seams.

Next, measure and cut your burlap.

Tip: It is much more time consuming, but try to find a line in the burlap and follow it to get a straight edge on your cut. Otherwise, you will think you are cutting a straight line but will find that it is all over the place! 

Next, measure and inch for your seams and iron down your burlap WITHOUT using the Stitch Witchery. This is just to make the process of using the bonding tape easier. 

Once you have all four seams ironed, cut the excess materials in the corners, just like you would when making a pocket. 

It should look like this after you make your cut! 

Then tuck the Stitch Witchery under the fold of the burlap and iron ... 

and iron some more .... 

  ... and this is what you will have. I initially thought this would be the end of my post but I wasn't very happy with how boring it looked. 

If I had more time I may have added some painted or printed detail, like an initial or number ... but I didn't.

So I decided to spruce it up a bit using something I had on hand. Ribbon! I have tons and tons of ribbon left over form the wedding, so I found some that was cream colored and1/4" in width - perfect! I wove it in and out of the burlap every few inches using the only thing I could find that worked - a foam cutting knife I had from one of my craft pumpkins! This may look extremely time consuming but it really wasn't - and you can weave the ribbon as much or little as you want! 

And here is the end result! 


I thought it gave the runner a bit more visual interest without being too much, and I really like the combination of different textures. 

What do you think? I'm confident you all can do this too, just as easily! Whether you decide to use this as inspiration or not (I won't be offended) - I can tell you that I will never pay money for a table runner again. This project was just entirely to easy to be dishing out our hard earned cash for that kind of thing!

I hope you've enjoyed these past four days of burlap - I promise I have a great finale in store for you. What's that? You'd like a hint? She's got four paws and separation anxiety ... answers to the name of Dutchy Paws. I've said too much!

Hope to see you back here tomorrow for Day 5 of ...

Thanks for reading!

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