Friday, February 3, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

You can't beat $6, kids! And while I would have liked to do a bit more hunting this week, I wasn't able to with my business trip. Nonetheless, I was thrilled about my finds this week! Take a look into the ole' shopping bag.

I fell in love with this little pasta canister. I brought it home and soaked it right away!

I'm thinking I'll do some mod podge on this little guy. And what do you think of my mini cloches? I'm very excited about those.

I also snatched up this medium-sized red star with a design poked into the metal  ...

... and fixed it up with Heirloom White moments after I walked in the door. Now I just need the perfect place for it!

I also snagged this rectangle wood crate for $.99, and I think after applying a dark stain to it, it will look great above my kitchen cabinets.

Finally, I found these two holiday swags for $.99 apiece. White I can't use them yet, I thought they were beautiful, and quite the steal. The original price tags said $16.99 for each!

Stay tuned to see what becomes of these little treasures! :)

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