Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #4

Hello! I've been a bit MIA this week, but have no fear, I'd never miss a Thrifty Thursday! This time I scored some great stuff ... like, really ... I'm tickled! In fact, my goal this Presidents' Day is to give a few of these things a face lift and add a little more decor to our home. So, without further ado ... here's what I found! 

First and foremost ... these BEAUTIFUL apothecary jars. My jaw about dropped when I saw them. I have a thing ... yes, a thing ... for apothecary jars. And just this past week my apothecary jar in our dining room in which I store my wine corks (by the way, I have a thing for those, too) broke. It cracked down the side and the corks went a' spillin'. So, finding these babies was a SIGN!! And they even have all kinds of cute little pears and apples inside them already! I got each one for $2.99.

I also found this open frame for $2.99. It's in great shape, and I actually do love the dark stain, but I have plans for this guy. I'm going to paint it white, put a chalkboard inside the opening, and hang it in our kitchen. 

I really love the pretty detailing on the frame ... see?? I think he's the perfect type of handsome for a chalkboard!

And, apparently, there was an abundance of makeover-worthy frames this week, because I also found these oval babies and just couldn't help myself! Come on ... it's a matching set!! I got the large frame for $2.99 and the two small ones for $1.99 apiece. 

They have some great detailing on them as well ... see?

Perhaps I could use these Pottery Barn numerical prints as inspiration for my oval frames?

Framed Numerical Prints, Set of 3
(Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn)

Lastly, I found this little metal/wire bicycle with a small wooden seat. It was just too cute to leave at the store, and for some reason, to me it screamed Pottery Barn. For $1.99, I knew I could find it a great home. 

So it's already found a spot above our kitchen cabinets. I think it adds to the vintage feel we're going for in there. What do you think? 

That's all she wrote on this Thrifty Thursday, but stay tuned! I've got lots of work to do this coming week with all of these items, and from a few of my finds last week

Thanks for visiting! 

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