Monday, February 6, 2012

Petite Potty Storage Solutions

That’s right - it’s a bit cramped in there. The “master bathroom” that is. Actually, I’m stripping its title. I’d refer to it more as a bathroom that happens to be located in our master bedroom. It is not worthy of the greatness the “master” title implies.  

 I’ll admit, it could be worse, but storage is scarce and the layout is cramped. My only built in source of storage is the cabinet under the sink, which has no shelves. So, this weekend, in an exasperated attempt to make due with what we've got, I tackled the mini space. That’s right. I prefer to think of this as a challenge. And guess what, gals … I think I won.

First things first. A few months ago I purchased a five-tier shelf from Target, that fits perfectly into the largest open space in the room – an awkward, tall, skinny gap between the wall and the shower. I’d been using the shelves for a while but was still on the hunt for baskets to fit into the openings, which proved a bit tricky.

But this weekend I found the perfect seagrass baskets at Meijer – they were on sale and fit into the slots like a glove! Easy, peasy. Next, I did a bit of cleaning house so that I had enough space in the baskets for all of my products. I got rid of expired medicines, lotions/smells I don’t use, packaging, etc. and tried to organize the baskets by category. I kept all lotions, body washes, hair products and extras together, and all health care, medicines and medical products together. I used another basket to stash the TP, and the final one for any odds and ends – you gotta have a junk drawer!

The bathroom also had a microscopic space between the vanity and the wall … seriously … I’m not sure of the reasoning behind it. In my mind, it would have been much easier to just extend the counter space to the window … but hey … who am I. At any rate, the skinny space became the black hole of the bathroom. Would you believe I was able to stack six rolls of toilet paper, a flat iron and my makeup bag in this space? It was really quite pathetic.

So, in an effort to prevent this impressive display of disorganization from occurring ever again, I scored this three-drawer Sterilite organizer, also from Meijer. 

Cute? Pretty? No, not really. These things are like the granny panties of the organizational world. But, functional? Completely!

Sorry, I had to. Anyway, this little guy is the PERFECT size for this space … and I mean perfect, as in two more millimeters would have been a deal breaker. So I’ve used the drawers to stash hand towels and wash cloths, my makeup bag, and in the top shelf, my beloved flat iron, curling iron and hair dryer for easy access.  

And the beauty of this new addition is that I also gain a counter space of sorts next to the sink, which has no flat surfaces to speak of. I put a few of the products I use every day in a basket in the corner and marveled at the rest of the flat, open space.

I believe I already showed you my beautiful bathroomshelves in this post; purchased at Goodwill and hung by adorable hubby. I’m still lovin’ those bad boys. It's so nice to be able to both use and enjoy my little apothecary jars, which hold Q-tips, cotton balls, make-up sponges and bobby pins. 

Moooooving right along to the storage under the sink. The first weapon I gathered for this spot was a small wire shelf, which I found at a thrift store for a whopping 25 cents. It couldn't have been a better fit., and I was finally able to do some much needed stacking in a small, tight space.

But as Emeril would have said ten years ago, I needed to kick it up a notch. So I found a way to utilize the space on the inside of the cabinet doors. Really, a wall mount spice rack would have been ideal. I mean, look at the thing … . But, for $15, per rack, I couldn’t commit.

So, being the tightwad that I am, I bought some Command hooks and repurposed a few long, shallow plastic trays that I already had from the dollar store. 

Because the trays had a bubble pattern on the sides, I was able to just attach the Command hooks to the doors, and hang the trays on them using the holes. 

I'm quite proud of this idea, actually, as it's turned out to be the perfect space to store my nail polish and travel sized items. And this project cost no more than $5 - it could be even less if you already have the hooks!

Here is the end result of the bathroom sink, shelves, baskets and all. 

The bonus to all of this organization is that it freed up a shelf I had been using in the bedroom, creating the perfect spot for us to finally utilize this pretty ...

Avintage-style fan had been on my wish list for years, and this was a gift from my mother-in-law this past Christmas. Isn't he handsome? 

I'll stop gushing. So what do you think? Have you taken on any big organization projects lately?  Do you have a bathroom that challenges you to utilize every square inch? Do us all a favor and please share!

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