Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting to Knooooow You, Getting to Know Alllllll About Youuuuuu …

That was my singing voice, in case you couldn’t tell. And in this post, I’d like to tell you all a little bit about myself. Don't worry ... nothing too deep, just a little background on the persona that actually creates these posts. So, hold on to your seats. Here are a few fun facts about yours truly:
I’m a complete type-A, which really makes things interesting at our house, as the hubs is definitely not. For me, everything is black and white, all objects belong in their designated place, and there is never enough time in the day to get things done. No, I can’t sit still until it becomes that way, which is a very disrupting and daunting trait to behold. I’m really trying to work on this, and remember that it’s not the end of the world if a dirty dish isn’t in the dishwasher immediately. So, any tips would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been told that a few kids will really do wonders, but we’re not there yet!
I HATE pickles. Yes, that’s the most appropriate word, and I completely mean it. This is a deep burning hatred. I will not touch a pickle jar; I will not eat anything that has touched juices; and family members pass them AROUND me at the dinner table. If my burger is even accidentally exposed to pickle juice, consider it a deal breaker. I avoid them like the plague, and after decades of this behavior, this is something my family still can’t understand. I’m committed, I guess.
I’m a bit of a shopaholic – aren’t most girls? I love new clothes, and for the most part, am willing to try new trends. But I try to be thrifty about it. Old Navy is my weakness.
Snakes give me the heebie-jeebies … just posting this photo caused me to squeal with discomfort. I know this isn’t that uncommon – there aren’t many people in this world who love reptiles. But, in my case, I am crediting my childhood to the complete terror that washes over me when I see them. I grew up in the beautiful countryside – farms, fields, land, and wide open spaces which just happened to be a short distance from a river. In Ohio , we don’t have many poisonous snakes  - mostly garters or black water snakes. But as a child teenager adult, pick one, if there is a snake on our acreage, I guarantee you I’ll find it. Whether I nearly stepped on it during a walk, heard it hissing under bushes, or practically ran over it on the lawn mower, I was always the one with the encounter. Shivers!
I’m a former die-hard N’SYNC fan, and I’m not too proud to share this. Back in my day, you either chose BSB or N’SYNC. Yes, you had to pick a side, and no, it wasn’t negotiable. I must say, I still don’t know what those BSB fans were thinking. Oh, N’SYNC, how I want you back … J (excuse the pun for those of you who caught that!)
As I’ve already mentioned, I’m getting a bit better at cooking but my skills are truly lacking. You name it, I’ve managed to screw it up … What’s that, you’d like to try my crock-pot lasagna that somehow burned as black as the night? No problem! Excuse me, what? You’d like a batch of brownies out of a store bought mix? Sorry, I just dropped the last three eggs on the floor! Ha. But seriously, I’m OK with this. If I were a great cook the expectations would be way too high. Besides, Greg finds it funny, and I guess I do too. It’s also a great way to get a little help with the cooking. ;)
I really do enjoy working out, so as soon as I get out of this winter rut, you’ll see that a few of my posts focus on this topic. I played sports in college, and love to run (in moderation), try new classes like Zumba or spinning, and just break a sweat! My love for chocolate and sweets also makes this trait a necessity!
This brings me to my last admission, which is actually a bit hard for me. I’m not embarrassed … that’s not the right word. Mostly, I am just used to the fact that not many people feel the same way. Fine, I’ll tell you. Despite all of the aforementioned traits, like the love for shopping and clothes, and the hatred for reptiles … I. Love. Swamp People.
That’s right. I’m referring to the grungy display of Cajun hunters and crocodile carnage on the History Channel that takes place deep in the Atchafalaya Swamp. A show about living off the land, loving where you come from and working hard for all you have. I cannot explain this. I don’t know why. I merely know, that when Greg first tuned into this show, he did not realize what he had done. I couldn’t look away, and it’s been love ever since. Who has two thumbs and watched last night’s season premier? This girl!
Alright folks, that’s all for today. I hope I’ve been able to successfully paint the picture of the gal behind the keyboard. And, I hope that these self admissions help you to better relate to me and my blog. So, drop me a line! Tell me about your blog, or better yet, about yourself! After all, no guts, no ‘gator. J

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