Friday, January 20, 2012

To the Window, To the Wall

I love the finding new uses for everyday, ordinary things! That's why the buzz about old windows has really been speaking to me lately. Look at all of these creative uses for the old beauties!

A calendar or bulletin board.

The framework (excuse the pun :) for a wedding seating chart

Cheap, easy home decor using just the frame and fabric
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Personalized wall art - just add photos!
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Or, how easy would it be to add a few legs and call it a table? 
upcycle window table

With all of this hullabaloo, I guess you could say I was feeling inspired! So, this winter I took on projects of my own using old, abandoned windows and did a little sprucing to the ol' nest. 

My first endeavor was our holiday mantle. 

I found the 8-pane window on craigslist for a mere $8, added a few candles in pillar vases that we had left over from the wedding, and hung a festive holiday wreath from The Christmas Tree Shoppe to add a pop of color. Voila! 

But I didn't stop there. Last summer Country Girl Home spread the word about the Dollar Store's cute vinyl quotes for a grand total of - you guessed it - $1. So I picked up a few and immediately thought of my other window. 

How could you not be inspired by this adorable Valentine's Day creation from House of Smiths

Or this definition vinyl window from Diary of a Crafty Lady

So armed with my $1 cling and rectangular window, I got to work. My vinyl quotes all pertained to love (must be the newlywed in me!) and had the perfect spot for my window above my dresser in our bedroom. With white paneling, we needed a bit of color, so I used some leftover sage green from our kitchen (more on the kitchen upgrade coming soon!) and spruced up the handle with a bit of RustOleum rubbed bronze. And with just a little bit of arm twisting, I was able to talk the hubby into helping me hang it. What do you think??

I love the simplicity of it. I may keep an eye out for larger vinyl quotes to use on it sometime down the road, but for now it fits the bill. It was a fun easy project and a great first step at making this house our home! 

I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you taken on your own own projects using old windows? Let's see 'em! 

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