Thursday, January 26, 2012

If I Could Save Time in a ... Shadow Box

.... the first thing that I'd like to do .... Jim Croce, anyone? Aaaanyway ... it turns out that you can save time, or rather, a date, in a shadow box! I know I keep mentioning our wedding, (it's a big deal people!) and one of the reasons is that I have so many reminders of the big day now lying around the house. Most, we aren't sure what to do with, other than preserve and cherish, but I think some are worthy of display. Stage left enter this prop we used for a few of our engagement photos.

(Please disregard the fact that I'm holding my end of the ribbon higher, and that my dress looks somewhat wrinkled - all of those darn poses! Sigh.)

We put this together easy peasy a few falls ago. I bought the wooden numbers and ribbon at Jo-Ann Fabrics, used a little spraypaint and a few eyelet screws, and we had ourselves a prop. Fast forward a year and a half ...  I had nothing to do with our cute little creation until I found this innocent little frame for a few bucks at Goodwill.

I wasn't sure exactly what to do with it at first, but I liked that it looked like a potential shadow box, and loved that the mat was a pretty sage green. So, I brought it home, and so was born one of my easiest projects to date. First, I cut around the edges of the cardboard backing and the frame (just like a puzzle).

Then was able to tear away some of the backing. Much to my relief, I found staples behind the backing, so I pried them out in order to remove the back of the photo and open "the box."

Once I had it off, I was able to see that the cute little dragonfly was just a print taped to the mat, which easily peeled off.

Now that everything was taken apart, and the adorable little dragonfly removed, I used cardboard the backing of the box as a my base for this project. The first thing I did was cut a square of burlap to size, and hot glued it to the cardboard to serve as the background of my shadowbox.

From there, I took apart my prop, and placed the numbers on the burlap. Are you still with me? (Told you this was for kindergarteners!)

After everything was laid out, it was definitely a tighter fit and I thought - Greg's much better at estimating sizes, lengths, widths, numbers! But, I was determined, so I stuck with it. And after analyzing the situation a little more, I decided that we needed periods to make it clear that this was a date and not a reminder of our 6,411th ... something! So I added a few small pearl beads I had on hand. I liked the contrast of the fancy pearls and rustic burlap.

Once everything was hotglued to its proper place, I put the backing back on the frame, taped down the edges, and voila! Project complete.

So, so easy, and a good use of something that likely would have sat in a box in our basement. I'm still working on finding the perfect spot!

And while we're talking about thriftiness at its best, allow me to share with a few other of my recent finds on this "Thrifty Thursday." Before I show you, allow me to brag for a minute. I am the luckiest girl in the world in that my office is literally surrounded with thrift stores - I can think of at least one in each direction. Talk about exciting lunch breaks! Here are the treasures I rounded up today.

 These two matching shelves I've painted black and will be hanging in my bathroom. Can you say $6? What a steal!

And here are the other pretties I snatched up. A pretty vase, two matching (heavy!!) iron curtain rods, a colorful garland for the mantle, and my favorite ... a Galileo thermometer.

 I'm in love with the little guy! 

I also found this small, shallow glass bowl, and couldn't contain my excitement before planting it with my paperwhite bulbs.

It's the little things. :o)

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