Monday, January 30, 2012

The Bunny vs. The Beach Boy

I'm not sure if I already mentioned this, but the hubs and I have different personalities when it comes to the perfect weekend. For me, progress is key. I love having time to get things done around the house, finish projects and clean up. I'm admittedly, a bit like a large pink bunny with a drum ....

For Greggums, weekends are a time to relax and recover from the chaos of the work week, watch sports and sleep in. He's a bit more like this ....


We're working on it. But with this in mind, here's a recap of the course of events on Sixth Street this weekend.

Remember those shelves I got for $6 at Goodwill? They've now been painted black and hung in my bathroom. This saved me some space in other parts of the teeny room, and I was able to utilize the apothecary jars I've been slowly collecting on thrift store visits.

I did a bit more painting to a pair of lamp bases I got at Elder-Beerman awhile ago. I spent $7 per lamp, and didn't anticipate having to paint them .... but .... oh how different they looked in the pictures on the box!

I wasn't loving the yellow-ish rustic bottoms with the dark, brownish-gray shades. So I pulled out my secret weapon .... RustOleum rubbed bronze.

Before getting started I taped off the tops and covered the cords in plastic.

And here is where the bunny's bright pink color really shines through - the nonstop mindset that so often gets me in trouble and always keeps me busy. Once the lamps were dry ... of course, I needed to find a place to put them. Since I wanted to put my lamps on either end of the mantle, and still had so many of my candles adorning it from my Christmas, it seemed like the perfect time to redecorate for Valentine's Day. This needed to be done immediately! 

So, as anybunny would do, I dug out a plain grapevine wreath, wrapped it with some rope and ribbon, and hung that on my old window where my Christmas wreath had been. I also pulled out one another glass, candle votive holder that had been in storage and filled it with red berries.

But wait ... I dropped one of the berries ... which led me to look deep into into the fireplace and see how dirty and dusty it was. Since it's non-working, we haven't given it too much attention since we've moved in, other than to proclaim our extreme dislike for the brass pieces and "curtains." So what better time to pull out the sweeper and get as much of the dust and grime out as possible??

But wait, while sweeping I bumped the brass bar at the top, and it seemed awfully wobbly. Flimsy enough that I may be able to pull out a few tools and pry it off? Of course.

Now enters hubby, who had previously been observing from his comfortable, oversized chair. All tools were confiscated, and I was assured that I would hurt myself with my overzealous approach. And so, he performed his magic and .... TADA!!! Ugly fireplace curtains and brass attended to!!!

After marveling at the immediate difference in our abandoned fireplace, I decided that within the grate and along the sides would be a perfect place to put the candles and pillars that were currently on the mantle!!  Perfect!

What were we doing again? That's right ... finding a place for my lamps. Long, drawn-out proces complete!

And while our weekend consisted of much more, including a nice dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, church, shopping, a few movies, including this one .... which I'd give 3 of 5 stars ...

we felt that the only proper way to end it was on a sweet note. So as a way to express my gratitutde for putting up with my bunny behind all weekend, I made my love one of his all-time favorite desserts - Hot Fudge Cake .... click here for this coveted family recipe.

And we FINALLY kicked back, relaxed, and enjoyed our last few hours of freedom with our very own, new DIY place of fire ...

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  1. You are turning that house into quite the cozy cottage!!! What a great idea to put the candles in the fireplace...touché my friend!


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