Friday, December 28, 2012

Room Reveal: A Tiny Bathroom Rescue

That's right everyone ... our downstairs guest bathroom was so abysmal that this project can be called nothing other than a rescue! Both for me, and for the bathroom! I can't tell you the number of times I had to grin and bear this abundantly tan, Coca-Cola inspired bathroom, with hope that a new, updated space would soon be in our budget. And as if in a bout of Christmas magic, a few weeks ago it finally was! The beverage bathroom is now gone from our every day lives, and in it's place is a chic, updated gray space that we love. Read on to see how we rescued our tiny bathroom! :) 

Care to see how we arrived at "after"?
These pictures make me cringe! The previous homeowner had passed down to us this horrid, Coca-Cola, wallpaper border in the bathroom, and with such pride too! The pop-themed shower curtain and matching bottle cap curtain rings were the first thing I threw out when we moved in!

For added charm, the border was already peeling in places. Yes, it just screamed classy. 

And to complete the nightmare, the room also had a cheapo medicine cabinet, with bulbs so bright and large they could have lit a spaceship. And the cherry on top of this perfect set-up was an industrial, metal, semi-circle shaped shelving unit, which had already been primed with rust. Complete design fail. Seriously, people. 

So with my last shred of sanity, one Saturday I made it a point to tackle this beast of a bathroom. My first step was to remove the wallpaper border, which actually came down easily thanks to, of course, a Pinterest tip - use an equal mixture of water and liquid fabric softener to spray the border. It literally peeled right off and I only had a to scrape glue in a few places. Thank you pinners! 

Once the banner peeled down, it became even more apparent how beige the room was - the walls AND the ceiling had both been painted the same color! It's funny, I never even noticed with the banner up - apparently it totally stole the show. The photo below is of one of the corners of the room, although I realize it's hard to tell - beige-mania! 

Once I had the walls peeled and cleaned, I set to work on painting. For this room I chose Pittsburgh Paints' Steeple Grey, and used a bright white on the ceiling - what a novel idea, right?! 

But unfortunately, our hope for a makeover comprised of merely a bit of paint and a few new furnishings became a nightmare .... bear with me here. When we had finished painting and it was time to hang a new light fixture (no, sorry, we did not keep the existing medicine cabinet!!!) we discovered a spliced wire in the wall. Sigh. In fact, it was so inconveniently placed that it required us to make two additional holes in the wall in order to fish it out, and correctly re-wire the outlet for our light fixture and for the switches, which were connected to the splice. So, our walls contained beautiful confetti of holes you see below.... 

 Truly, this was enough to make me sick. You can see the splice in the bottom left - the top right hole is where the light fixture was going to be hung. So after a few long days hubs worked some magic and called in his friend who is an electrician, we were able to solve the issue. 

And thank goodness we were! I'm in love with the finished result. What do you think??

Once we figured out our wiring issue, and patched the holes everything really came together, and I was able to utilize several decor tips and tricks I had pinned long ago! One thing I really wanted to do was include a floor to ceiling shower curtain, as well as use two separate panels. It really makes the room look sooooo much bigger, and the curtains are plain white ones the previous owners had left in the linen closet! 

I'm also in love with the light fixture, which can be blamed for all of our headaches. But thank goodness it caused them, or we could have had a serious problem on our hands and never known it. I love the soft white light these shades cast over the mirror.  

And speaking of the mirror, this was a $12 thrift store find - I just painted the frame glossy black. I love the contrast it adds to a room full of white and gray! 

A few of the other new additions are the hooks for towels, rather than a rack...

And the little white shelves above the toilet. We got these from Target, and they allow us a way display a bit of our personalities in such a tiny space. Our shelves house a photo of the beautiful Mackinaw bridge - a favorite vacation spot for my family for generations upon generations. They also proudly display hubby's shaving mug and brush, which was my wedding gift to him. The apothecary jars are also thrift store finds, and only a few members of a much larger collection - I have an obsession with them! 

And no room would be complete without personalized artwork, or at least I'm making it a point to include it! The photo over the towel hooks is a a personal photo from a trip to Alabama, and one of my all-time favorites from my collection. 

And that's about it - there's only so much to show with such limited space! We estimate that this project cost us around $200. Without our wiring issue, it would have been around $1500, which is still pretty good considering the circumstances. In our eyes it was money well spent. Especially when looking at the before and after photos! Look again at the difference! 

I know if nothing else, this makeover has created a much happier girl on Sixth Street! 

What do you think?! I'd love to hear from you! :) 

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